About Us

We proudly represent the Republican voters of Washtenaw County, Michigan. We recruit, train, and support candidates for elective office; inform voters about county, state, and national issues; and promote the principles outlined in the Republican Party Platform.



WCGOP Leadership (2023–2024)

  • Chairman, John Dunlap
  • Vice Chairman, Annette Kennedy
  • Treasurer, William Gordon
  • Secretary, Janet Riggs
  • Executive Director, Adam de Angeli


Message from the Chairman


The Republican Party of Washtenaw County was established to help promote the growth and success of the party at all levels of government, especially locally. Our goals are to recruit and promote candidates; recruit and train volunteers; raise and donate funds for party operations and campaigns; and organize events. To grow the party and to build and strengthen relationships with our voters, Republicans must unite in our efforts to promote conservative principles and pro-freedom candidates and policies. Working in community together is the only path to success.


There are many ways to get involved through one or more of our committees, which are led by members of the WCGOP Executive Committee. Please visit the Get Involved page to learn more.


Each aspect of party operations requires hard work, and I am grateful to our volunteers, including our great Precinct Delegates, who together help us do this good work.

—John Dunlap