Get Involved


Campaign Committee

The Campaign Committee recruits, trains, and supports Republican candidates at the local, county, and district levels. By coordinating with campaigns, as well as activating and training volunteers, we will work the polls, canvas the neighborhoods, and connect with the voters. If you are interested in running for office or supporting our candidates for 2024, or beyond, the time to get started is now.

Chairman: Rob Borer


Education Committee

The Education Committee connects with and informs Washtenaw County residents about important issues related to our schools—particularly the activities of our school boards as well as education policies. We identify and recruit candidates for school board positions and promote education freedom for all.

Chairman: Janet Riggs


Events Committee

The Events Committee plans, organizes, and manages events, including movie nights, social mixers, candidate Meet and Greets, lectures and panel discussions, picnics, and formal events such as Lincoln Day and Reagan Day dinners. Events connect the WCGOP with the wider community, building relationships and cultivating unity within the Party. Events also support fundraising efforts necessary for electoral victory, bringing in the financial support candidates need at the local, county, and district levels.

Chairman: Angela Dahms


Finance Committee

The Finance Committee ensures the financial stability and viability of the WCGOP. For campaigns, voter outreach efforts, promotion of conservative principles, and other party operations to be successful, we must seek and expand financial support. We work as a team to connect with Republican Party voters to cultivate a strong donor base. Ongoing fundraising efforts allow the WCGOP to support candidates and ballot measures that promote our political and economic freedoms.

Chairman: Eric Lielbriedis


Outreach Committee

The Outreach Committee will grow the WCGOP by encouraging membership and recruiting Precinct Delegates. We attend events, make information available, and follow up with those wishing to get involved. We provide ample opportunities to get involved with GOP proceedings, from attending meetings and special events to assisting candidates with various aspects of campaign operations. We will also provide training when appropriate. While working closely with other committees, the Outreach Committee will offer a sense of belonging and community, recognizing and tapping into various skill sets so that we can work and grow together as a unified team.

Chairman: Annette Kennedy


Public Relations Committee

The Public Relations Committee is responsible for cultivating, maintaining, and protecting the integrity of WCGOP properties, including, but not limited to the website; logo; social media accounts; external communications with voters, Precinct Delegates, state party members, and others; and liaising with the press. We collaborate extensively with WCGOP leadership and committee chairmen—particularly the Technology Committee—and we operate in service to the mission of the Republican Party to promote pro-freedom candidates and policies and to defeat Democrats and their objectives.

Chairman: Rob Zimmerman


Technology Committee

The Technology Committee provides technical solutions for the county party to enhance its operations, communications, and outreach efforts at the local, county, and district levels. We thoroughly research options available and make recommendations to decision-makers, with special attention to supporting pro-freedom, anti-cancel culture organizations and companies. When necessary, we engage in short-term efforts to produce data output and other digital assets.

Chairman: Adam de Angeli


Young Republicans Committee

The Young Republicans Committee networks with, recruits, and mobilizes high school and college students in Washtenaw to inform them about political issues and to get them involved. We foster community and political engagement by connecting existing young Republican groups within the county and promoting conservative principles. Our goal is to expand and strengthen the Republican Party's voting base now and for future generations. Not only are we increasing the number of young Republicans voters, we are also activating and training them to work the polls, support candidates and party outreach efforts, and get out the vote.

Chairman: Marcello Maccani