Washtenaw GOP Opposes Taxpayer Funding of "Woke" Initiatives

Across Washtenaw County, Democrats are using our taxpayer money to fund programs to promote a radical ideology commonly referred to as "woke."

The "woke" ideology aims to convert ordinary people into revolutionaries by first teaching that they are perpetrators or victims of systemic racism, then offering the "oppressors" an escape by become sexual minorities as transgendered persons. It is pervasive on college campuses and increasingly indoctrinated in K-12 schools as well.

(Formerly known as cultural Marxism, "woke" ideology keeps with the Orwellian tradition of naming things the opposite of what they actually are, and refers to a state of being a hopelessly brainwashed fanatic.)

Here's how your tax dollars are being spent:

Washtenaw Board of Commissioners Reparations Committee

The Washtenaw County Board of Commissioners has created an Advisory Council Committee on Reparations

"Reparations" typically refers to confiscating money from white people, who are presumptively all guilty of slavery, and giving it to black people, who are presumptively all victims of slavery. More recently it has expanded to include other forms of racial discrimination.

According to the Washtenaw County Board of Commissioners, "The committee will craft a “Washtenaw Reparations Plan” with specific actions officials can take to remedy those harms across housing, wealth, health care, education, employment and fairness within the criminal justice system, among other areas."

Graduate Student Strike at U of M

As you may have heard, the Graduate Student Organization at the University of Michigan has been on an illegal strike since March 29. Among other things, Graduate Students are demanding:

• A 60% pay increase
• An "Unarmed, community-oriented response to public safety & financial support to transformative justice initiatives and alternatives to policing”
• Abortion services expansion, paid leave for abortions, and an abortion healthcare reimbursement fund
• Transgender health care services 

State Representative Carrie Rheingans, County Commissioner Yousef Rabhi, and Washtenaw County Prosecutor Eli Savit participated in the illegal strike.

Washtenaw Community College to Offer Drag and Implicit Bias Classes

Washtenaw Community College is providing a “Drag Wig and Makeup Workshop” and “Implicit Bias Training” this summer with your tax money.

Please contact the Washtenaw Community College Board of Directors at this link and tell them to stop using taxpayer funding for radical gender ideology and Critical Race Theory classes.


The Washtenaw County Republican Party rejects the unconstitutional use of taxpayer funds for woke initiatives.

Our commitment is to recruit and elect Republicans who share our commitment to traditional values.

Please get involved with your local GOP, or donate here.