The Staggering Hypocrisy of Democrat “Justice”

The Washtenaw County Republican Party is committed to fighting political corruption and abuse of power whether it is at the federal, state, or local level of our government.

Our disloyal opposition, however, takes a very different view: corruption and lawlessness are fine – when they do it.

Last week, the George Soros-funded Democrat prosecutor, Alvin Bragg, unveiled his indictment of President Trump. The only surprise was that there was no surprise: no unexpected charges, no unexpected witnesses, no unexpected evidence. It was the same case that even Joe Biden’s Justice Department didn’t have the audacity to bring: a legally deficient claim, based on the testimony of a convicted perjurer, that Trump’s payments to a blackmailer were improperly recorded as a business expense.

Nevertheless, the Democrat Party and its operatives in the mass media shamelessly applauded this farce, cheering in unison that “no one is above the law!”

On the contrary, Democrats believe they are themselves above the law, and ignore it brazenly.

Two recent examples illustrate this point vividly.

Last month, Democrat State Representative Carrie Rheingans (D-Ann Arbor) proudly participated in an illegal strike by University of Michigan graduate student employees. As the Detroit News noted, these public employees are prohibited both by state law and by their contract with the University of Michigan from striking.

Rather than spend her time serving her constituents, Rep. Carrie Rheingans boasted on social media that she was supporting the illegal strike. “At @geo3550 strike this morn as they fight for living wages, disability justice, better trans healthcare, and community safety. Sign up for a strike shift [link] or go to the Diag and they’ll send you to a picket line!” she tweeted.

Rep. Carrie Rheingans

When lawmakers participate and encourage activities that are illegal to advance their agenda and donors, they are abusing our political system for gain and no longer serve the will of the people who have elected them.

Those who condone breaking the law have no business making the law.

While a Democrat lawmaker was participating in the illegal strike, our Democrat Attorney General was flouting the law in her own way: by refusing to recuse herself in a high-profile sexual assault case in which she may be personally involved.

As the Kalamazoo County Republican Party recently noted, Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel is investigating AFL-CIO union boss Johnathan Byrd for sexual assault charges at an April 19, 2022 Democrat campaign event. Not only is the union one of Nessel’s top donors, but the event in question may have been a fundraiser for Dana Nessel, making her a potential witness. This presents a serious conflict of interest and she should have recused herself immediately.

Naturally, she has refused to.

The woman who accused Byrd told police that he made several sexual comments towards her, began caressing her legs and her hips. She also alleges that Byrd then grabbed her hand and placed it on his genital area as well as tried to move in to kiss her after she left the building to leave the event, and that this was all unwanted contact and she did not consent at any time.

Kalamazoo County Prosecutor Jeff Getting, who is also a Democrat, referred the criminal case to the Attorney General’s office. During a phone call with a Detective from Kalamazoo Department of Public Safety, State Representative Julie Rogers, who attended the event where the assault allegedly occured, said “she believed it was a fundraiser for Senator Sean McCann [D-Kalamazoo].”

Rogers’ memory under questioning may have been faulty. Attorney General Dana Nessel was in Kalamazoo on April 19th and April 20th, according to multiple social media posts and news articles. Representative Rogers herself posted a photo on April 19th with Attorney General Dana Nessel that was captioned: “Fired up for election season at AG Nessel’s fundraiser in Kalamazoo! Vote Blue!”

According to Sean McCann’s campaign finance reports, he received only $60 in donations on April 19th, 2022, and $4,310 the next day – $4,200 from one couple, one $100 contribution, and one $10 contribution. Unless McCann used some campaign finance wizardry, his reports indicate there was no such fundraiser.

So, did this alleged sexual assault occur at a fundraiser for Attorney General Dana Nessel and not an event for Senator McCann? Was Attorney General Dana Nessel present at the Park Club in Kalamazoo on the evening of April 19, 2022? Did the Attorney General or anyone on her campaign witness the alleged sexual assault?

These are critical questions, because currently Dana Nessel, a Democrat, is investigating a sexual assault at a Democrat event, allegedly perpetrated by one of her own donors, at what was most likely her own fundraiser.

This is a gross breach of legal ethics, and as usual, Democrats feel no obligation to follow the law when it applies to themselves.

As was the case with Gretchen Whitmer’s Covid lockdowns, the message is clear:

“Rules are for thee, but not for me.”

The Washtenaw Republican Party is committed to preserving your rights as an American, exposing the corruption of the radical Left, and electing leaders who will protect our Democracy, the Constitution, and the Rule of Law.

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