Extremist Spotlight: Regina Miller

Freshman State Representative Regina Miller, who represents Milan, Augusta Township, and part of York Township in Washtenaw County, ran as a moderate, but has since come out as a partisan extremist in Lansing.

In the Washtenaw County Republican Party's flier, we present some of the most radical actions taken by Rep. Miller.

Let's review each statement and provide more details:

1. This is the repeal of Michigan's Right to Work law, which prohibits workers from being fired for not paying tribute to the labor union. Regina Miller, along with 50 other House Democrats, introduced House Bill 4004 and voted for its passage. It became law on March 24, 2023.

2. House Bill 4087, which Regina Miller and 18 other Democrats introduced on February 14, 2023, would allow runaway children to obtain "health care" without parental consent. Under Proposal 3 of 2023, "health care" includes sterilization and "all matters relating to pregnancy," which includes sex. Companion bills HB 4085 and 4086 also modify the definition of runaway children. The bill received a hearing in committee on May 16, 2023.

3. The first bill introduced this year was House Bill 4001, which includes $1.5 billion for corporate welfare, including the first installment of a $500 million ongoing source of revenue for the Strategic Outreach and Attraction Reserve, the SOAR Fund Michigan uses to make the handouts. There is another $150 million for politically connected donors.

4. House Bill 4145 through 4148 comprise Michigan's "Red Flag" law, which was passed with unanimous Democrats support and unanimous Republican opposition, to strip gun owners of their right to bear arms without due process of law, based on unsubstantiated accusations from disgruntled family members, neighbors, co-workers, and/or current or ex-romantic partners, or roommates. These laws rely on the issuing of ex-parte (one-sided) orders authorizing law enforcement, including SWAT teams, to immediately seize firearms from the subject of the order without notification or right to an attorney. Similar legislation was recently struck down in New York in a case in which an abuser obtained a "red flag" law against an ex-girlfriend who had obtained a restraining order against him. We await the day Michigan's new Red Flag law is struck down as well. Regina Miller also support other assaults on the Second Amendment, including universal gun registration and "lock up your safety" legislation.

5. House Bill 4234, which Regina Miller and 33 other Democrats introduced on March 9, 2023, would allow for automatic payroll deduction for Political Action Committee contributions.

6. Repealing Michigan's 3rd grade reading law was a priority for Democrats. Senate Bill 12 was passed by the House on March 3, 2023 with unanimous Democrat support and was signed into law on March 24. Under the bill, schools may now advance children beyond the 3rd grade who cannot read, ultimately making higher learning impossible and allowing schools to paper over their own failings.

7. Regina Miller voted to pass Senate Bill 147, which would define abortion as a civil right and thereby require employers that offer health coverage to pay for their employees' abortions. This includes all forms of abortion, including late-term abortion, dismemberment abortion, and poison abortion.

8. Regina Miller and 34 other Democrats introduced House Bill 4156, which would enter Michigan into an interstate compact to bind its presidential electors to vote for the candidate who wins the national popular vote, even if that candidate loses the popular vote in Michigan. This would also mean vote fraud in other states over which Michigan has no control could be used to steal the presidential election in our state.

9. Regina Miller and other Democrats introduced House Bill 4359, which would repeal the law preventing locals government from imposing bans on plastic bags. Reportedly this law was enacted to prevent these bans from being introduced in Ann Arbor and elsewhere. 

10. Regina Miller and other Democrats introduced and passed House Bill 4007, to mandate government contracts pay "prevailing wage" rather than competing wages. In conjunction with other bills, such as 4231 that would repeal fair and open competition in governmental construction (which Regina Miller also introduced), competition is effectively eliminated in government contracting, resulting in massively higher costs for taxpayers.

Side Two restates some of the issues on Side 1, although it also mentions Regina Miller introducing legislation to impose a parental mandate that they send their children to kindergarten in a public school, House Bill 4059.