False Indictment of President Trump Proves Once Again Democrats Guilty of Crimes Projected Upon Their Opponents

The Washtenaw County Republican Party leadership hereby calls for the immediate resignation of Manhattan Democrat District Attorney Alvin Bragg for the forthcoming indictment of President Donald Trump, an abuse of the justice system in a transparent effort to interfere with the 2024 presidential election that constitutes an assault on American democracy and rule of law.

Washtenaw County Republican Party Chairman John Dunlap issued the following statement:

[Note: This statement is not an endorsement of Donald Trump for President, but for the preservation of a fair and impartial legal system that follows our Constitution and provides equal justice for all. Those are the principles for which our founders fought and died for, and which are under unprecedented assault today.]

The facts surrounding this case are clear and undeniable.

First: President Trump was the victim of blackmail by Michael Avenatti, a Democrat attorney currently serving a 20-year sentence for multiple counts of extortion and other crimes1, 2, and Stormy Daniels, a prostitute, who conspired to concoct an allegation that Donald Trump had an affair with her. As Ms. Daniels has since admitted, the allegation was false3.

Nevertheless, President Trump arranged a settlement payment for Ms. Daniels to not make the false allegation to avoid the irreparable reputational harm such a false allegation would bring. Trump was then victimized once again when Ms. Daniels broke the agreement and made the false allegation anyway.

The entire case against President Trump rests on the unprovable claim that the sole purpose for his payment to Ms. Daniels was political. As legal experts have noted, this is impossible to prove not only because President Trump is a married man being falsely accused of infidelity, but because he was also a television celebrity subject to the standard “morals clause” that is triggered by conduct that brings “public disrepute, scandal, or embarrassment.”

Second: The conduct of the progressive Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg leaves absolutely no reasonable doubt that these charges were brought in bad faith for political purposes. Bragg himself ran on a campaign promise that he would charge President Trump4, following a public pressure campaign led by Mark Pomerantz, who resigned from the Manhattan DA’s office to ramp up voters to demand an indictment for a crime.

Having found nothing of any substance, Bragg brings these charges against the President with no legal merit, no victim, and no factual support except the words of a convicted perjurer, Michael Cohen.

In sum, these charges are a brazen abuse of the legal system by progressive Democrat District Attorney Alvin Bragg in a transparent attempt to tamper with the 2024 election by smearing President Trump, the front-running Republican candidate for President of the United States.

In 2020, Democrats brought false charges of impeachment against President Trump, claiming that Trump’s suggestion that Ukraine investigate Joe Biden’s extortion of the government of Ukraine to fire a prosecutor investigating his family’s corrupt business dealings constituted election interference5.

On the contrary, Alvin Bragg’s misconduct is election interference writ large, and District Attorney Bragg must be removed from office for willful neglect of duty and wanton interference in federal elections.

This case shatters the public’s trust in the American legal system, and thereby inflicts irreparable harm on all Americans. This brazen weaponization of the justice system compels all Americans of moral character to speak out, and Democrats have an especially serious duty in this regard, since all of the characters in this cast, from the convicted blackmailer who initiated the incident to the prosecutor who brought the charges, are Democrats.

Instead, the Democrat leader Nancy Pelosi responded by falsely stating that “everyone has a right to a trial to prove innocence.”6 Having to prove one’s innocence is not the legal standard in America; rather, the burden is on the prosecution to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Furthermore, one must find probable cause to bring an indictment in good faith. These charges cannot be substantiated by credible evidence and were undeniably brought in bad faith.

By their complete and total failure to condemn this injustice – and indeed, many praising it – Democrats have proven to the country that they condone, support, and endorse the weaponization of the legal system for the purpose of interfering with a presidential election.

Americans cannot tolerate this assault on our legal system and our constitutional republic.

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