February 2023 State Convention Candidates

The State Call to Convention can be found here.

Please note the following State Convention Rule #17, which is applicable to all Delegates, Alternate Delegates, and Guests to the State Convention:

As a condition of attending, voting and otherwise participating in the congressional district caucuses to be held February 17, 2023 and the State Convention to be held on February 18, 2023, each delegate, alternate, and guest must pay a registration fee of $50 to assist in covering the cost of conducting the caucuses and convention. The registration fee must be paid online through a link to be provided by State Party no later than January 26th or by check. Payment must be received by the Michigan Republican Party by 3 pm on Friday, February 17th. Any delegate, alternate or guest who has not paid the registration fee by the deadline, must pay a same day registration fee of $75, in person at the Lansing Center, at the guest services table.

Candidates who wish to go to State are as follows:
  1. Aquino, Sandy
  2. Beliger, Tawn
  3. Bennett, Brian
  4. Bennett, Judi (not a Precinct Delegate)
  5. Bielak, Barbara
  6. Black, Mona
  7. Borer, Rob
  8. Boring, Bill
  9. Burmeister, James
  10. Carlson, Garrett
  11. Chandler, Judith
  12. Clark, James
  13. Corvino, Miriam
  14. Czupinski, Shelly
  15. Dahms, Angela
  16. Davey, Dee
  17. de Angeli, Adam
  18. Dettling, Alan
  19. Dunlap, John
  20. Ewing, Angie
  21. Ewing, Keith
  22. Fink, James
  23. Fischhaber, Cindy
  24. Flaherty, Kelly
  25. Freeman, Ruthie
  26. Giacolone, James
  27. Goehmann, Bethany
  28. Gordon, Teena
  29. Gubaci-Root, Lisa
  30. Guysky, Bob
  31. Hermann, Gerald
  32. Hieber, Kara
  33. Hoffman, Anna
  34. Hoover, Steve
  35. Hoover, Susan
  36. Howdyshell, Ron
  37. Jarratt, Bill
  38. Jarvi, Jeff
  39. Kennedy, Annette
  40. Layher, Mary
  41. Lielbriedis, Eric
  42. Maccani, Marcello
  43. Marshal, Deborah
  44. McQueer, Michelle
  45. Melody, Tracey
  46. Milne, Greg
  47. Murawski, Marc
  48. Naebeck, David
  49. Payne, Jonathan
  50. Risdon, Phyllis
  51. Russell, Charles
  52. Scott, Reid
  53. Sims, Russell
  54. Smart, Brenda
  55. Stewart, James
  56. Strayer, Samantha
  57. Tormanen, Diane
  58. Udell, Rodney
  59. Vitale, Marilyn
  60. Vitale, Sam
  61. Ward, Fred
  62. White, Linda
  63. Wood, Christopher
  64. Wood, Jill
  65. Zimmerman, Robert